We are delighted to welcome you to Dear Billy, a place where we believe in the grace and beauty that can be found in handcrafted designs for your little princess. We are a family-owned business that got its start due to a mother’s undying affection for her daughter.

Anya, who started our company, was moved to design adorable and stylish patterns for her precious daughter, and now aims to make her patterns available to mothers all over the world.


When she was younger, Anya was captivated by the work of legendary fashion designer Bill Blass. His ability to create timeless and elegant designs that were both classic and modern struck a profound chord with her. His meticulous attention to detail, as well as the lavish fabrics and colors he used, left her in admiration. His body of work has always been a continuous source of inspiration for her.

She wishes to express her gratitude to the legend for his inspiration throughout her life, and she hopes DearBilly is a fitting tribute to his legacy. She is overjoyed to be able to share her designs with you, and she hopes you find them as lovely as she does.


Our designs reflect the core values that we represent at Dear Billy, which is that each and every little girl should have the opportunity to feel like an individual. Our patterns are a wonderful representation of the purity and wholesomeness of a child’s life. We are very proud of the careful attention to detail and thoughtful design that goes into each and every pattern that we create.


Because we feel that our designs ought to be expressions of our individuality, we work hard to come up with patterns that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. No matter how much experience you have in sewing, or how much of a novice you are, you will find that each of our patterns is straightforward and easy to understand. We are grateful that you have selected Dear Billy, a shop where every stitch has a meaning and every design evokes the wonder of childhood.